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Fourth Grade Students Sketch Masks

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F.E. Bellows Elementary School fourth graders sketched drawings of masks after studying the work of Hallmark designer and illustrator Marcos Román. As part of the assignment in art teachers Trisha Appel’s and Dara Goodman’s classes, the students focused on using line details, patterns and shapes in their work.


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Third Graders Create Landscape Paintings

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F.E. Bellows Elementary School third graders drew inspiration from painter Oscar-Claude Monet and the Impressionism art movement to create their own landscape paintings. The project was part of an assignment in art teacher Trisha Appel’s class.

“The students learned how to use watercolor paints to begin painting their landscapes,” Appel said. “They started by creating a horizon line and then choosing colors for their sky and land. They will add trees and show an understanding of space and depth in their final works of art.”

Middle School Engineers Build Bridges

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Middle School Engineers Build Bridges thumbnail178273
Middle School Engineers Build Bridges thumbnail178274
Middle School Engineers Build Bridges thumbnail178275
Seventh graders recently took on the roles of engineers to build and test their own bridges as part of an assignment in teacher Skyler Mosenthal’s Intro to Engineering class.

The students were challenged to use index cards to create a bridge that spans a distance of 12 inches between a stack of books, stand at a height of at least 10 inches and support a 3.3-ounce Lego car. With a hypothetical budget of $1,300, with index cards at $75 and 1-inch pieces of masking tape at $50, the students had to be efficient with their designs and building materials.

“The car had to begin crossing, stop for 10 seconds in the middle of the bridge, then make it safely to the other side,” Mosenthal said. “Many bridges stood up to the test, some did not; all engineers succeeded in thoughtfully articulating what worked, what did not work, and why when concept-defending their designs.”

The students will continue to solidify their knowledge with the next project – a parachute challenge. They will repeat the process of design, finance, build and concept-defend to flight test their parachutes from the school’s library balcony.


We would like to inform the community that at our November 18th Board of Education Meeting, we accepted the retirement of our Superintendent, Dr. Barbara Ferraro, effective July 1, 2021.  Attached for your information are the following documents:

  1. 1. Dr. Ferraro’s Remarks

  2. 2. Board of Education President Jennifer Rubin’s Remarks

  3. 3. Superintendent Search Process