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Art Department

Chairperson: Dr. Barbara Ferraro

Superintendent of Schools

Mrs. Dara Goodman 

Daniel Warren
F.E. Bellows

Ms. Trisha Appel 

F.E. Bellows
Middle School

Mrs. Jennifer Dallow

Middle School
High School

Mrs. Karen Fontecchio

Middle School
High School

Mr. David Golden

Middle School
High School

Children are learning in the art room by:

Using a variety of media to create visual works of art... 
Drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, photography, videography and three-dimensional art

Fostering creative self expression... 
Exploring personalities, individual qualities, and skills

Learning about various concepts and techniques focusing on...
Artist vocabulary, knowledge of artists, art movements, and art concepts

Gaining understanding and respect for art through...
Discussion, participation, exhibition and critiques


Maximum effort
Always participate 
Respect others
Share supplies
Clean up space
Honesty and kindness
Be ready and on time